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Drive results with the Customer Success Center

Explore this one-stop shop to help your business transform and thrive.

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Partner Story

Stop fishing for sales and get hooked at Shark Camp

Learn how Glidefast Consulting discovered the long-lasting benefits of a partnership with ServiceNow through Shark Camp, ServiceNow's immersive training program.

Success Workbook

Rethink your governance approach

See how good governance streamlines processes and reduces risk.

Success E-book

The power of transformation is at your fingertips

See how to accelerate ROI, build your ServiceNow skills, and learn leading implementation practices from the best in the business.

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Live on ServiceNow—An interactive event series

Get expert help. Meet with innovation champions. Learn from other ServiceNow customers. Sign up for live sessions on how to successfully deploy, accelerate use and achieve value fast from your ServiceNow Solutions.

Now Value leading practices

Bring your organization's vision and execution together seamlessly by following our proven methodology. ​

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Success Workbook

Good governance means great results

Get started with ServiceNow governance to deliver great business outcomes.

Success Checklist

Success starts with inside-out training

Keep internal and external users sharp with ongoing training and skill development.

Success Workbook

Build a successful implementation plan

Identify the best approach for a rewarding Now Platform implementation.


Support employees with meaningful experiences

Transform the journey and watch employees thrive.

Jump into your role on the
Now Platform ​

Launch your skills and platform knowledge with these role-based resources that ServiceNow experts recommend, including courses, certifications, and leading practices for:

  • Administrators
  • Developers
  • Implementers
  • Business owners
  • Business process analysts

Explore all Now Value leading practices by type


Get specific instructions and leading practices from our most successful customers.


Discover our step-by-step action plans to help you identify and sequence the steps that will drive success.

Success Maps

Explore processes and practices to get the most value from ServiceNow products.

Quick Answers

Discover our brief, high-level content to help you address specific challenges.


Find guidance on how to address specific issues and unlock more ServiceNow value.

Videos and Executive Briefing Decks

See complex topics summarized in quick videos and high-level presentation decks.

Tools and templates

Use these materials to help you communicate and document your success.

Reference Architectures

See the high-level diagrams of product and platform capabilities that support your business needs.

You're in good company

Read how customers accelerated their success with ServiceNow.

Customer Story

Becton Dickinson accelerates innovation through training

Investing in ServiceNow training and certification is part of BD’s broader commitment to the Now Value methodology for championing business value.

Customer Story

Deliver value no matter how big your instance is

ServiceNow's Customer Success Center is a one-stop-shop that gives Ryan the resources he needs to learn about their capabilities.

Customer Story

Successful adoption and lasting partnerships

Now Value isn’t an abstract methodology. You’ll find specific guidance, success maps, powerful tools, templates, and more.